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Please review our FAQ's and use the links below to navigate and update any contact information.

Team Member Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my address or contact information?

You can easily update your information by emailing us at

How do I submit my timesheet/invoice for hours worked?

Scan and Email to:

You are the Contractor and must complete all highlighted fields and obtain signatures from your site location contact. For your payment to be processed in a TIMELY manner, please email your invoice to the above email address no later than 5:00pm on FRIDAYS. Any fields left blank on this document will be considered incomplete and may delay your pay to the following payment cycle.

Where can I get a blank copy of a timesheet?

Please click here to view and print a blank timesheet for use.

When can I expect payment for hours worked: 

Payroll is completed bi-weekly and you can expect to receive a pay statement via email before each Friday that is listed below:

Scheduled Pay Dates:

08/09/2024 (July 21 - August 3)

08/23/2024 (August 4 - August 17)

09/06/2024 (August 18 - August 31)

09/20/2024 (September 1 - September 14)

10/04/2024 (September 15 - September 28)

10/18/2024 (September 29 - October 12)

11/01/2024 (October 13 - October 26)

11/15/2024 (October 27 - November 9)

11/29/2024 (November 10 - November 23)

12/13/2024 (November 24 - December 7)

12/27/2024 (December 08 - December 21)

How can I obtain an offer letter?

Our agency is unable to provide an offer letter, however, upon the completion of 10 working days we are able to provide you an income verification letter.

You can request this by emailing us at


How can I update my banking information for my direct deposit?

You can request this by emailing us at

What do I do if someone is asking to verify my employment?

Members of our teams are considered independent contractors. We are unable to verify employment. However, we can provide verification of income letter. You may also want to send anyone requesting such information your pay statements, which can be found in your email by searching the following words  "Message from AZ Staffing Partners Accounting Team" or "Pay Statement".

You can request this letter to be sent you by emailing us at

Are you currently hiring? How can I refer someone I know?

Yes, we are always accepting applications. You can let anyone interested in applying to do so on our website and click JOIN OUR TEAM

If you would like to refer a friend or family member for a possible referral bonus you may email us at and a recruiter will connect with them directly. 

Please provide: Name of referred candidate, relation to them, phone number and email address in the email above.

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