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Our Job & Career Fairs present a great opportunity to hold speed networking and short interviews with potential candidates. Since we conduct strategic & targeted marketing for all of our events every candidate invited to our events, conversations & connections tend to go smoother and quicker allowing you more time to process the candidates and make the best choice.

#AZ Hire Me Job Fair - S. Phoenix

February 5, 2020

Crosier Hall

717 E Southern Ave,

Phoenix, AZ 85040


Diversity & Community Career Fair

March 17, 2020

Tempe History Museum

809 E Southern Ave,

Tempe, AZ 85282


#AZ Hire Me Job Fair - Phoenix

February 12, 2020

Aeroterra Community Center

1725 E McKinley St, 

Phoenix, AZ 85006


Diversity & Community Career Fair

March 19, 2020

YWCA Southern Arizona

525 N Bonita Ave,

Tucson, AZ 85745


#AZ Hire Me Job Fair - Tempe

February 26, 2020

Rio Salado - Southern Campus

3320 S Price Rd,

Tempe, AZ 85282


Diversity & Community Career Fair

March 24, 2020

Burton Barr Central Library

1221 N Central Ave,

Phoenix, AZ 85004


Ready to Checkout?

Submitting payment is considered "registration"

and our staff will follow up with more details and

reserve your hiring company a table. 


What to Expect once you submit payment:


Withing 24 business hours:

You will receive an itemized receipt and contact from our events coordinator requesting logo and job opportunity details.

2 weeks leading up to the event: 

You will receive a reminder and tips email with a reminder to help promote the event.


1 week leading up to the event:

You will receive a day of the event details email with specific details for staff that will be attending the job/career fair

Prefer an invoice first?

Send us an email to Info@AZEventConnect.com

Please include the following:

  1. Name of Company

  2. Contact first and last name

  3. Company Address

  4. Company Phone Number

  5. Dates of job fairs you would like to be invoiced for

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How do I register?

You can easily register by: 

- Submitting payment above

- Sending us an email to Info@AZEventConnect.com

Either way a member of our team will follow up with your registration process within 24 business hours of submitting payment above or an inquiry below. This will automatically hold your company a table. We are open Monday - Thursday 10am-2pm.

What does employer registration include?

Job Fair typically 10am-12pm (2 hours)

Career Fair typically 3pm-6pm (3 hours)

· Day of Event · 
Convenient location of table and 2 chairs 
Face to face access to qualified candidates 
Access to electrical outlet 

Light refreshments
Access to an interview area 
Access to Wi-Fi 

· Leading up to Event · 
Employer's positions mentioned in newsletter email announcement 
Placement in AZ Event Connect's Employer Spotlight series 
Logo on AZ Hire Me website, seen by all job seekers that register

How is the event being marketed?

Below is a high level view on how we strategically market the events and our company. This does not go into detail due to confidentiality, but we also know that we are asking companies' to trust us with their hiring budget so we provide a general outline.

New Candidate Lead Generation: Advertised via social media with aggressive ad budget to saturate the market and utilizing over 400 well established community connections and resources.


Retention: Maintaining relationship with over 4,000 existing registered job seekers by newsletter and email blast communication with occasional text message blasts.


Referral: Raffles and other incentives for candidate referrals to attend events.


Branding: All above plus attending networking events, conducting workshop presentations and sponsoring community events to maintain community connection.

What type of candidates are you targeting?

In regards to specifics per market, it varies: we have a diverse existing candidate pool that continues to grow through our outreach of our #AZHireMe outreach in the community. We tend to highlight specific industry needs based on the company's early registration for events. However, we tend to attract entry to mid level candidates that are looking for a new opportunity!

How many job seekers do you anticipate will attend?


10-15 employers with at least 60 candidates in attendance

(30 candidates an hour) This means you can expect to be consistently busy once the event begins. Therefore, we recommend having at least 2 staff members and that your team is ready to stand for the entire event. We always try to accommodate employers that begin the application process (applications available, pre-screenings, interviews, etc) at the event an extra table, extra chairs or even just an application area for candidates to apply at no extra cost.

What has your attendance been at your most recent job fairs?

August 14 (Weekday Morning Event): 

11 employers & partners with 98 candidates in attendance

(Approx. 49 candidates an hour)

June 26 (Weekday Evening Event): 

10 employers & partners with 122 candidates in attendance

(Approx. 60 candidates an hour)

May 15 (Weekday Afternoon Event): 

9 employers & partners with 84 candidates in attendance

(Approx. 40 candidates an hour)

What other companies or businesses will be attending?


Our job fairs do not have a limit as to what company can attend, so this lets the career fair give the job seeker a chance to see everything that is out to apply for. The companies/businesses vary at each event. We update our employer logos based on each event on our Job Seeker Registration Page. Please feel free to visit the page to see what employers are currently committed to attending any of our upcoming events! Below are also the logos of our recent employer partners.

What to expect as far as setup at the event: 


- Registration or sign in table for job seekers with a list of the hiring companies and the positions that are available


- There will be a mix of hiring companies and community agencies that offer resources for barriers to employment

- The Dress for Success Mobile Unit will be onsite at each of our Phoenix job fairs, we encourage you to arrive early to tour the mobile boutique. Dress for Success offers professional clothing at no cost to women who are actively seeking employment.

- Most candidates tend to arrive within the first hour of the event, therefore, there will be a bit of a line at first. There will continue to be a steady flow of candidates, and then we get a 2nd wave of candidates about an hour into the event. So, even though you are provided chairs at your table, you can expect to be standing and engaging with job seekers through the entire event so wear comfortable shoes! :) 

- Bring plenty of giveaways and brochures or print outs and keep in mind that there will not be a copier available for use should you run out.

- All registered hiring companies will receive a friendly reminder a week before the event with helpful tips and more details 

Some of our Hiring Partners:

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