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10 Ways to be Productive and Stay Sane While Working from Home

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Since most of us are working remotely, our team listed out 10 WAYS TO BE PRODUCTIVE AND STAY SANE WHILE WORKING FROM HOME. Let’s dive in: 1. Keep a schedule of regular working hours 2. Embrace a plan by setting up a morning routine 3. Set boundaries with the pope in your space so they know how to behave while you are working 4. Plan for breaks, take a breather when you need it 5. Don’t rush through breaks; enjoy the moment and relax 6. Ask for help when needed; working remotely can be hard so reach out to your team 7. Have a dedicated office space (the kitchen table or the sofa won’t do) 8. Socialize with colleagues; they are going through the SAME thing you are 9. Look for training opportunities; use this time wisely and invest in knowledge. 10. Don’t be too hard on yourself, don’t sweat the little things, show up and do a good job

We hope these ten tips are helpful for you staying productive and sane while working from home. Speaking of being productive, have you heard about our Job Fairs in Phoenix, Tempe, West Valley and Tucson? Learn more about how to save time growing your team with super-efficient 2 hour our Job fairs you from the AZ Event Connect team; a team on a mission to end employment in Arizona one job fair at a time.

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