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​Are you missing the opportunity to hire a GREAT candidate?

Are you missing the opportunity to hire a GREAT candidate?

Don’t worry, we put together 3 tips to help you hire the best candidate. But we get it, by now, you probably are feeling a bit overwhelmed with that long to-do list you have on your desk (and with everything that is going on). But, it's so important to us that you know we are here for you.

Now, let's jump to it, here are the 3 tips to help you hire the best candidate:

Give candidates insight to the company

Presenting hiring opportunities to potential applicants allows them to have a greater understanding of the criteria, job description, and overall expectations of the role. The benefits of presenting information about the role and company will remove the auto-elimination of applicants that are unclear or uncertain of the criteria. Plus, these presentations expose applicants to the culture of the company and the overall “vibe” that the company puts out there.

OUR ONLINE JOBS FAIRS ARE A GREAT WAY TO PRESENT OPPORTUNITIES THAT WILL HELP YOU FIND THE BEST CANDIDATE. Plus, the candidates at our online job fairs are pre-screened so you know you are connecting with someone that aligns with the company. We are hosting two virtual job fairs a month. To sign up for our next job fair for only $150, CLICK HERE. Reminder, when you register for our virtual job fair, you will have a 30-minute spotlight session and a live Q&A time to engage with possible applicants.

Assess for practical experience

Hiring a candidate that is qualified and experienced is ideal. However, assessing the candidate’s practical experiences in your line of work is essential. But more often than not, you will NOT come across a perfect candidate. That’s why assessing practical experiences is a huge action you can take to hiring the BEST candidate. Focusing on the practical experience of the applicant is key because they will be able to integrate themselves more quickly and become familiar with the job due go those experiences. Therefore, this can greatly reduce your training time and turnover rate.

Run social checks

Asking personal questions can be uncomfortable and even inappropriate (not to mention the fact that it may be deemed as discriminatory). So, running a social media check on applicants will give you a greater insight into the person you may hire. Visiting someone’s Facebook or Instagram page will help you learn more about them on a personal level and their LinkedIn profile may offer a better insight into their skills and experience than their resume. Both platforms are public spaces so there are no violations of privacy or trust by reviewing their accounts.

Thank you for spending time with me today as we go over 3 tips for hiring a GREAT candidate. If you have any questions about hiring or if you are interested in registering for our next virtual job fair:


Together, we are empowering a greater AZ Workforce.

-Kristen and the AZ Event Connect Team

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