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Tips for new hiring managers

Being a hiring manager can be quite a challenging and exhausting job, especially if this is a new role. We get it, there is a lot of pressure on you for making the right decision. Your company could experience some big consequences if you make the wrong decisions during the hiring process. As a result, there is increased stress on you as a hiring manager to perform your duties effectively. But don’t worry to much, at AZ Event Connect, we are here to help you along the way. Think of us as your job hiring fairy godmother. You can follow these tips to enhance your performance as a new hiring manager.


Make sure to understand what you want and the type of candidate you want to attract. You can achieve this by creating a detailed job description for the roll to be filled and then filter the applicants based on their resumes. This process will ensure that you interview candidates who meet the required qualifications.


You don’t have to be in this alone. In case you experience any challenges, which is common with any job, make sure to ask questions or to seek the counsel of your boss or any other experienced employees. This way, you can form better ideas of what is expected of your role as a hiring manager. Knowing the expectations of your team allows you to meet them.


During the interview, ensure that you ask questions that enable you to learn more about the candidates. The questions are meant to help you make the hiring decision with confidence. They should enable you to have a definitive answer as to whether you would hire the candidate. Here are some examples from Indeed on Best Interview Questions to ask Candidates:

1. What career accomplishment makes you most proud?

2. Tell me something about yourself that isn’t on your resume.

3. Why do you want to work here?

4. What made you want to apply for this position?


At the end of the interview, you should be able to make decisive decisions on which candidates to hire for your organization. As a hiring manager, it is important that you develop the ability to make crucial decisions when called upon, especially at the end of the interviews, when the final decision rests in your hands. Be confident in your choice and know that you are not just filling a seat rather, you are growing a team.

Don’t worry, you are not in this alone. The team as AZ Event Connect is here to help you along the hiring process way. Following these tips will support you as the hiring manager. Have you heard about our Job Fairs? Learn more about how to save time growing your team with our Job fairs

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