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HIRING TIPS: How to capitalize off the 2 rising trends

Things are heating up! We are excited about our next virtual Job Fair! In the last few months we have seen a trend in what employees are looking for in a new job. That’s why we put together our Top 2 themes of what employees are looking for in Q4 of 2020! First off, employees have become more versatile and so have their needs. That’s why I want to talk to you about NEEDS, yes you may think, “ don’t they need a job”, although that is true there is also something deeper that will fuel them. Setting this tone during the hiring process will help make your interview go more smoothly but will also answer the NEEDS of the candidate. Not just get canned responses or the responses they think you want to hear. WAIT! Before you scroll by, I want to make sure you know what to expect at our virtual Job Fairs! Day of Event:

  • 1 hour segment to engage with qualified candidates LIVE

  • Convenient link to join the online event via Zoom

  • Access to our event coordinator to support hiring efforts

  • Face to face access to qualified candidates

Leading up to Event:

  • Employer's positions mentioned in newsletter email announcement

  • Placement in AZ Event Connect's Employer Spotlight series

  • Logo on AZ Hire Me website, seen by all job seekers that register

After Event:

  • Auto replay of video on 1 of our social media outlets

  • List of pre-registered candidates

  • Copy of video to use for future recruitment needs

Sign up for our next virtual Job Fair on September 23rd from 10:00am - 2:00pm for as little as $75! We have 3 packages available. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP. OK, let’s dive in! Here are the Top 2 themes that will help HEAT up your responses and put you in a position to appeal to some of the best candidates out there. #1 Candidates are being selective. We all just went through some major stuff. Many new hires to the market have perhaps endured some bumps and bruises over the last few months. Some things that will stand out to these candidates will be: flex Schedule, personal goals that align, company values that support a community mindset and overall a sense of being needed. *Question to ask? “Let me ask you this, what is a personal goal you have over the next 90 days? (Asking this question can further connect the individual to feel “valued” as well as you finding a common thread that can tie into the company). #2 Personal growth. Now more than ever candidates want to see a change. This will not only support another need of your new hire but will also create a more competitive environment for their growth. Having that type of employee will enable a more independent yet eager work balance. Some of the things that will stand out to these candidates: personal development opportunities and foreseeable growth in the company. *Question to ask? “When was a time that you felt disappointed in your work?” (Asking this question will allow the candidate to answer in a way that isn’t scripted and shed light on their work ethic). There you go, 2 rising themes in employment right now and how our Sept 23 virtual job fair can help you get the best candidate out there. CLICK HERE to sign up for our virtual job fair. Thank you, Kristen and AZEC Team

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