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How prepared are you?

We keep hearing all about the times we are facing NOW. But I want to talk to you about preparing for re-opening and having a strategy for when its Business as Usual. We have seen great advancements in recruiting during the pandemic. Here, is an article we wrote about Tips for hiring during the pandemic. But what about when the pandemic is over? We have seen an enormous wave of candidates from struggling industries like travel and hospitality to thriving markets such as grocery and healthcare. Hospitality and travel companies that re-open will be hiring at scale. But you might be thinking “I am not in those industries or my candidates won’t be impacted” Well, because these industries are going to have mass waves of hiring, they will have greater flexibility in who they hire. Therefore, you will see a huge impact and these industries will dominate your candidate pool. but, [FIRST NAME GOES HERE], this crisis will end and you should have a re-opening strategy. Tens of thousands of companies will re-open overnight, resulting in a huge recruitment wave. A significant part of your re-opening strategy should be building a solid candidate pipeline NOW. Having a pipeline of candidates ensures a smooth rebound when recruitment resumes or you are ready to hire while competing with the industries that are hiring at scale. Also having a powerful employer branding strategy tied in with your recruitment strategy will help bridge any gaps and give you greater audience reach when you start hiring. A great way to meet qualified candidates and support your branding, is our virtual job fairs. We created 3 budget friendly price points to choose from for our upcoming AZ HIRE ME virtual job fairs. The employer spotlight session of the job fairs allows you to share all the expectations and details of the opportunity to a group of active and engaged job seekers. At AZ Event Connect, we are all about streamlining processes and helping businesses get qualified candidates with ease while saving time and money. Join us on September 23rd from 10:00am - 1:00pm starting at $75 CLICK HERE. There you go, here are the steps to preparing for a re-opening strategy. Let us help you hire while saving you time and money.

-Kristen and AZ Event Connect Team

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