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How to Hire the Right Person

As you are on the hunt to hire a new employee for your company, you know that you need to have someone join your team that can handle any pressure or stress, get the job done, and be enjoyable to work with.

But how do you find the right person for the job?

There are so many hiring sites out there, some of them with very costly monthly fees involved, and they still don't deliver the results of the qualified and worthy candidates that you are looking for and you might feel like you are just wasting time and money.
Don’t worry,  the AZ Event team is here for you with our virtual job fairs. But before I get into the nitty gritty of our new pricing packages that start at only $75, I want to share with you a few hiring tips so when you do find the right candidate (at our job fair 😉) you are ready to go.
Over the years of helping companies build their teams, I have experienced different things that I have found to work very well in the past during the hiring process.
New Hire Type:

Hire based on the difference AND YOUR NEED of a "transactional" employee or a "transformational" employee. This is something that is often disregarded when looking for the ideal new hire. We are not saying one type is better than the other, but one type will better meet your needs. Knowing the difference will help greatly. A transactional employee follows a routine or set of rules; they are operators and prefer to stick to procedure to achieve results, rather than trying new ideas. Transformational employees are more focused on the future and thrive in trying new things with the goal of creating future success for the company. Knowing what type of person you need is foundational to the positive (or even negative) impact your new hire will have on the company.
Set Expectations to Reduce Wasted Time:
Having new hires know WHY they do what they do AND HOW to perform task that’s required of them. By new hires knowing the expectations of WHY and HOW will greatly help with onboarding and retention. When the new team member knows the WHY, the reason and passion, behind what is being done and asked of them, they are more likely to do it. BUT they must know HOW to be of service. Knowing WHY is only a part of expectations. The new hire must know how to do the tasks. Explaining not just the HOW but also the WHY will greatly help with getting your new team member adjusted to the company.
Find your next hire at our virtual job fairs. We created 3 budget friendly price points to choose from for our upcoming AZ HIRE ME virtual job fairs. These packages are great for engaging with job seekers online at our job fairs and we have packages starting at only $75!

So, if you are ready to learn more about our virtual job fairs and how to hire the right person for your company CLICK HERE.

Together, we are empowering a greater AZ Workforce.

-Kristen and the AZ Event Connect Team

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