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​Is this destroying your hiring strategy❓❓❓

Big question here: Is auto elimination destroying your hiring strategy?

What I mean is, are qualified candidates looking at your job description and qualifications as a checklist and removing themselves from the hiring process because of any misunderstandings?

Unfortunately, we see this all too often on our recruitment side. Great candidates tend to look at job descriptions as a checklist verse a conversation. This approach leaves way too much to interpretation on the candidate’s end and THAT’S WHERE AUTO ELIMINATION STRIKES.

That’s what we just love about our virtual job fairs, it encourages conversations to take place between the employers and the candidates during our spotlight sessions and our live Q&As.

Our job fairs allow the employers to engaged with candidates, so nothing is left to interpretation. This empowers individuals to confidently apply as a truly qualified candidate. AND this approach allows AZ Event Connect to bring forward candidates that employers might have otherwise not been able to meet. Putting the full hiring decision back in the employer’s hands to see if candidates are actually a good fit.

As you can tell, we are all about empowering individuals to make the best decisions for the AZ workforce. We still have spotlight opportunities available at our upcoming live virtual job fairs. SIGN UP HERE.

Together, we are empowering a greater AZ Workforce.

-Kristen and the AZ Event Connect Team

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