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Start with Why to get Higher Quality Candidates

Not knowing our passion for our business will leave us lost and without the resources to grow. What drives your passion, what is your WHY?

Today, there are so many companies that might know what they do and how they do it; they are largely unable to define and to explain why they do what they do. And the purpose of their actions. They might also have the capability, skills, and experience required to work in a certain field, but they still lack a reason for their actions. The result is a largely uninspiring delivery to their audience.

The concept of “Start with Why” as introduced by Simon Sinek can be applied to the job market. Employers in particular have to pay special attention to their why given that employees are more interested in the purpose of the organization in addition to what the company does and how it is able to achieve its objectives.

In order to illustrate the “Start with Why” concept, Simon Sinek uses the golden circle. It comprises three concentric circles, which are why, how, and what. Why is the inner most circle while what represents the outermost circle.

Why represents the purpose or the belief of your organization. It also explains why your organization exists. Defining the “why” is especially important for organizations since it helps to convey the values of the organization to the candidate, which could enhance their chances of joining their team.

He explains the aspects of the organization set them apart from other competitors. Usually, organizations have a unique way of approaching certain issues, or processes that are different from those of competitors in the same space. According to Simon Sinek, this aspect explains how organizations do what they do. This is great for candidates to know so that they are fully aware of what they are getting involved in and what the expectations consist of.

Start with Why to get Higher Quality Candidates Finally, the last concentric circle explains what the organization does. This aspect includes the products and the services that the company offers to its customers. This has great value to the candidates because it invites them into an established work culture and expectations of who they serve and why. Inviting employees on this journey turns them from “workers” to “advocates” and frankly, stakeholders in the company. When this happens, we all find of feel like this:

When describing or proposing your team to candidates, it is important to “Start with Why.” Companies should first describe their purpose, cause, and beliefs to the prospective employees before describing their how and what. In this way, the organization can become more inspiring and convincing to the candidates. If a potential employee can feel more inspired by the company, they are more likely to join your team and become loyal and hard-working employees.

Look at your organization and utilize Simon Sinek’s framework “Start with Why” to create a proposition that would place you in a better position to convince prospective employees during the next virtual job fair.

Speaking of Job Fairs, these events provide an ideal opportunity for employers to engage with prospective employees. They also provide employees with an ideal platform to form a network with employers in their regions. In this way, job fairs play a crucial role in creating a network between candidates and employers.

AZ Event Connect is an organization that creates such a platform where job candidates and employers can engage. It provides people who are looking for employment with access to various resources and information that can aid in their quest for employment. We also organize job fairs where individuals can engage with prospective employers to enhance their chances of securing employment.

Following these tips will support you as a leader. Have you heard about our Job Fairs? Learn more about how to save time growing your team with our Job fairs

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