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Timesaving tips for communicating with ideal candidates

Communication Is Key

Are you ready to hire your first employee? Or bring in new talent who can contribute to your success and profitability while adding value to your culture and your team? There are a lot of eager, talented people looking for work. Hiring new employees can be a huge milestone for a growing business and if done correctly the payoff for your time has a huge reward.

If you are planning on scaling your business and thinking about onboarding new employees you should devise a hiring goal with a communication plan. Here is our Step-By-Step process on how to conduct timesaving communication with your candidate:


In recruitment, you are competing with other businesses in your industry who are also seeking the best talent in the market. Remember, it is essential for you to understand what motivates and inspires candidates to pick a company over another one.

To make your business stand out within the fierce competitive industry you should explain the offer in detail, including the salary, any benefits, hours required, experience and responsibilities. If your candidates accept your offer you can move forward to the interviewing process. A lot of businesses in Arizona are hiring fiercely as we ramp up in our recovery from COVID’s economic impacts.

SEND EMAIL UPDATES AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE AS TO THE STEP/STAGE THEY ARE IN THE HIRING PROCESS. Sending updates to your ideal candidate is essential. The worst thing you can do is have your candidate feel neglected or confused on where they stand in the hiring process. Sending email updates to your candidate regarding the step/stage they are in the hiring process will help reassure them of the opportunity that is planned for them with your company. Sharing their progress in the hiring process helps them know they are in the right place and reduces their interest to look for hiring opportunities elsewhere. This will save you a lot of time because a quick email check in to your ideal candidate could retain them in your hiring process and eliminate your need to find another candidate to fill that position.

Following these tips will save you time during your candidate communication and onboarding process. Have you heard about our online Job Fairs? Learn more about how to save time growing your team with our virtual Job fairs for Arizona candidates:

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