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The Big secret to hiring in 2020

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

The Big secret to hiring in 2020 are VIRTUAL JOB FAIRS

And here at AZ Event Connect, we take virtual job fairs to the next level. That’s why we put together this list of 5 reasons why virtual job fairs will bring you hiring success in 2020.

Safety: Your safety is our priority. Our online job fairs offer a safe platform for hiring companies to connect with qualified candidates.

Cost efficient: Our virtual fairs include a 30-minute live stream segment for $150 or an hour live stream segment with replay and video copy for $300.

Better targeting: Our strategic marketing efforts allow us to promote and hyper target our upcoming fairs to bring the best candidates forward.

Performance tracking: The digitization of job fairs presents greater data to track such as specific attendance numbers, resumes collected, engagement trends and view times. We learn from every job fair and listen to employers, candidates and online data trends.

Adapting to the market: The ability to adapt to emerging trends and listening to the marketplace is essential. Just as working remote and video conferencing is becoming our norm, job fairs being online follows the safety approach to connecting with others while being efficient.

There you have it, Virtual job fairs is the big secret to what successful recruiters are doing right now. Thank you for your time and for joining us on our mission to end unemployment in AZ. Visit us at for more details about our online job fairs.

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