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​Tips for hiring during the pandemic

Please take the advice here to heart …

It’s going to save you from a world of pain and a bunch of time.

We are seeing a lot of recruiters make these mistakes while hiring during the pandemic.

We put together our top two favorite tips for hiring during our current climate. Here are two tips that will step up your recruiting efforts:

Use non-traditional platforms

Using platforms that you don’t typically think are ideal for recruiting such as TikTok or Instagram has its benefits!

Here is why we hang our hat on these two platforms:

• Roughly 50% of TikTok's audience is under the age of 34 with 26% between 18 and 24

• Roughly 57% of Instagram users are between 25 and 29

This is a huge opportunity to connect with a demographic hotspot that is totally neglected. And by neglected, I mean your hiring competition is greatly reduced.

Start incorporating TikTok and Instagram in your hiring plans to beef up your hiring efforts, you wont regret it.

Use Video Conferencing

Using platforms such as Zoom or Google Hangouts will greatly help you connect with the applicant to see if they truly are the best candidate. Video conferencing allows you to establish an initial connection with candidates while also encouraging a conversation. We love video interviews because it gives you great insight to how your candidates adjust to a new norm. Most candidates have not done a video call before so this is a great way to expose them to a new situation and see how well they adapt.

Plus, video interviews are a very efficient way for employers to quickly compare and contrast candidates without delaying the hiring timeline or struggling with scheduling times. AND you can fill your candidate pipeline to meet with even more candidates.

That’s what I just love about our job fairs, we help employers hire effectively and efficiently with our online job fairs. Our fairs have 30-minute spotlight sessions so all the candidates at the virtual job fair see you and your hiring opportunities. This is huge because it eliminates applicants that are not the best fit while encouraging applicants based on the live Q&A sessions.

There you go, two of our favorite tips for hiring during the pandemic.

Together, we are empowering a greater AZ Workforce.

-Kristen and the AZ Event Connect Team

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